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IT Assessments

For your business to perform to its potential, your information technology must be secure, cost effective and reliable.

To determine how technology can better support your business, an IT Assessment will review your current IT infrastructure and IT management, and provide a comprehensive report of key findings, risks and recommendations.

  What an IT Assessment includes:

      Interviews with Management and staff  to assess Productivity, Usability, and Reliability

      IT Environment Review of Network, Server, and Desktop hardware, system software and communications

      IT Systems Diagnostics to assess System Capacity, Software Versions and Updates, Performance and Backup Reliability

      Security Checks of Access Controls, Password Security, Remote Access, Port Scanning and Virus Protection

      IT Management of IT Environment, Supplier Relationships and IT Investment Policies

Risk Assessment Scale – Over 100 IT Items Reviewed


Significant Risk Requiring Analysis and Action


Moderate or Potential Risk Requiring Action


Low Level Risk / Satisfactory


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